Welcome Musicians and Indie Film Directors!

Your song needing more? Your film missing the right custom score for your scenes? 

Get your custom online guitar/pedal steel, or fully customized orchestrated music without leaving the studio!

Whether it’s a rough demo or in full production, YOU’VE FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE! Bring home true sound at the most affordable rate out there. As a bona fide musician/artist, Chris will ensure you own the recording tracks needed to polish the sound or scenes you’re looking for without leaving your home. Be sure to check out the BoneYard for demos and YouTube videos!


What my clients are saying…

“Chris’s steel playing completely transformed my song. I knew the kind of sound I was looking for and with just a few emails back and forth he was able to interpret my needs and come up with not just an accompaniment, but a valuable part. His ideas helped to influence how I wanted other instruments on the track to sound. He is a consummate professional.”

– Dan Cooper, songwriter    Nashville, Tennessee


“Chris plays the pedal steel with a delightfully dangerous combination of character and intellect, skill and soul. When he listened to my tune, he not only heard what the missing piece was, he created it. In doing so, he breathed new dimension into my tune, allowing the song to reach a broader range of genres. He is excellent!”

– Jeni Vosschulte, songwriter   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“If you give Chris an inch he gives you a mile. I have created some songs that were in need of lead guitar and additional secondary rhythm parts. With a bare minimum of explanation of what I want my songs to have Chris comes back with exactly what I want. It seems to me Chris knows what I need before I even ask him. The guy is so helpful and very patient and eager to make sure you get what you want and need for your songs. The guy is a pro!!”

– James Petak, songwriter  Seattle, Washington


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